I am Korgul Bonebreaker.

Eyeless, missin' a tusk, missin' half an ear, and I'm a daddy. Woopy m'.

I'm Zhugul! Zhu for short! I'm the big oafs little sister he didn't know that he had, but now he does. I'm staying with him for a while. People better start treatin' me like th' adult I am, not some lil' girl.

'Then one day, y’ look around, and y’ don’t know anyone around y’ anymore. Yer wearin’ a dead mans armour, swingin’ a dead mans sword, got his trinkets on y’ t’ sell for a bite t’ eat that ain’t Legion fare. Some pomped up ass is sittin’ on a horse and tellin’ y’ how t’ fight, though you’ve been fightin’ since before h’ could wipe his arse. And th’ only thing that’s still th’ same from th’ first battle is th’ fear.' Korgul Bonebreaker on fear in battle.


ask-nakedhuntress said: “Now that’s hardly fair. Why get a tattoo on your cock if you won’t show anyone?”

He smiled, flashing his tusks. “T’ make pretty lil’ Bosmeri squirm.”